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I'm Diamond in the dirt...pick me up and polish
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How i wish i can be inside her.

Arab proverb (via layll)

(Source: dounia-algeria, via smoke-fresh)

Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Got no choice to release the kitty. Not that i hate her, i just dont like her dominance over my older cat and claiming his territory. Shes a cute agile annoying and brave cat.
So ive to release her bout 5 blocks away from me and guess what. After 20hours later, she appear again right in front of my house again.
Here we go again, ive to release her across the road, 4 blocks away from us. Very eery place to be at 3 in the morning. Saddening? Yes. As i release her a fat cat ran towards her to have a look who intrude his territory. He sniff the air. She hiss loudly. And decided to scare the fat cat away.

So ive to walk away. I look back and shes stared at me. Ill be back to feed you aite

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